What is HBLU™?

HBLU™ is a leading edge, evidence based healing methodology.

It works in minutes, is painless and clears damage at the conscious, unconscious, body and soul levels.

HBLU’s Integrative Approach

HBLU™ integrates the best of biomedical science, psychology, spirituality, applied kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology with her original research on the structure of complex damage patterns.

HBLU’s Foundational Premise

HBLU™ begins with the philosophy that a person’s soul is embodied for two reasons: to manifest their soul mission and to enjoy life. If a person is not on track with their soul mission, or if they feel uncomfortable/not getting the desired results in some area of their life, then there must be some type of interference pattern that is causing a misalignment at some level of their being.

HBLU's Purpose

The purpose of HBLU™ is to provide healing practitioners with a way to:

1. Identify the source of the interference patterns afflicting a client by easily accessing information from the client’s deepest wisdom/soul, unconscious mind and body

2. Choose and apply an effective technique or protocol to heal that pattern thus aligning the conscious mind, unconscious mind, body and soul.

This combination of mind/body healing protocols consistently produces powerful, lasting results.

And critically, the methods are:

•        Fast (often 1-8 sessions) with lasting results

•        Easily performed on yourself and others.

•        Specific and reproducible

The ease, speed and efficacy of HBLU™ will help you:

•        Better enjoy your patients and your work

•        Take the guess work out of therapy

•        Reduce burnout and compassion fatigue

•        Rediscover the joy of healing.

HBLU’s Training Methodology

The Difference

HBLU™ training is structured to enable a practitioner to understand and effectively use HBLU™ methodology to reliably and reproducibly obtain permanent life changing results with their clients


Too often healing modalities are lectured about, the theory behind them is discussed and then perhaps a demonstration is done leaving the practitioner with questions and doubts about their understanding of the techniques and their ability to get results with their clients.

The Structure of HBLU™ Training

Exhaustively Detailed Manuals

All practitioners attending an HBLU™ training module receive an exhaustively detailed manual which addresses the theory behind the HBLU™ protocols being covered, as well as the step by step procedures necessary to obtain consistent, reproducible results.

Theory Lectures with Anecdotes

HBLU™ is a holistic psychotherapy system that addresses somatic, psychological and spiritual aspects of an issue simultaneously. It was developed by biomedical research scientist, visionary, teacher, and healer Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

Judith personally teaches and supervises all HBLU™ trainings.

As she covers the theory of an HBLU™ module’s content she shares actual examples of the use of a particular technique and descriptions of how and why that technique works.

Attendees are given deep real world clinical context for HBLU™ methodology during theory lectures.

Practice and Preparation

Training on how to prepare yourself and your client for an HBLU™ session is delivered in the form of practicing the preparation steps repetitively each day during the training.

All methods are practiced by you and your fellow attendees on each other in both the role of client, practitioner and as a facilitator/supporter who monitors the correct application of the methods being practiced.

You will play all 3 of the roles stated above so that you are afforded the experience and perspective of being an HBLU™ client, practitioner and facilitator.

Case Studies

You and your fellow attendees act as live case studies.

You get the opportunity to experience HBLU™ as both a practitioner and client.

You experience for yourself and observe in others the realization of the bold claim that HBLU™ produces rapid, life changing, reproducible healing.


Your Personal Breakthroughs

Attendees consistently achieve impressive changes of state in their understanding of themselves and others and in their own clinical condition.

Stated differently, you will leave upon completion of your HBLU™ module feeling happier and healthier and empowered as a practitioner to help your clients feel the same.


Interaction with Fellow Attendees

The sense of camaraderie, friendship and love which is generated by applying your newly learned HBLU™ techniques is extraordinary to witness and experience personally.


It is easy to become jaded when one’s own needs are not being met.

The reciprocal flow of therapeutic/cathartic support during the delivery and aftermath of delivery of the HBLU™ techniques and training is a gift we are confident you will love and appreciate.

What to do Next

If you are intrigued by HBLU™ and would like further details on any aspect of HBLU™ training please click here for your next steps.